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(Archived) New Audio Record feature - capture last XX seconds

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A feature that i think would be very useful:

A 60 second loop (buffer) is continuously recording, however not permanantly adding to the Note, unless the user hits the "grab" widget.

I often take notes from meetings, and wish i could have recorded the previous statement someone had said. if i could start a looped recording of say 60 seconds, where evernote would keep a 60 sec buffer of the audio from the mic, i could then hit a grab button, and that would paste in the buffer into the document. I don't want to record the entire meeting, because that's just too much to go through after the fact, but having those soundbites pasted into the document where it makes sense, would be very helpful. It could even continue recording from that point until the recording was manually stopped. this is sort of what TiVO does with it's 30 minute buffer, or advanced airplane cockpits will do with the audio coming in from the flight controllers.


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