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(Archived) Can't upgrade my account

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I have paid for a full year premium account, but my account is stil standrad, please please please have a look at my account, as I have already sent you 3 tickets but didn't get any answer...

Your account looks to be set at Premium for a full year, with access till 2014. It looks like you're looking for Evernote Business though, correct? I've posted an internal comment to the ticket to ensure that is the case, but am double checking here as well.
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Same here. Ticket #16051-271054 purchased through play store (android). Sent a screen shot of my play store receipt too but no response. Can anyone help?? :(


Thanks for flagging this for us in the other thread.  I've upgraded and you should be good to go, and thanks for providing the receipt, that speeds things up a lot for us.

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