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Clipper prediction quality has dropped since last month



I've been using Evernote and its Web Clipper for a long while now. Since last month or so, I noticed a significant decline in the quality of the Web Clipper's notebook prediction and auto tagging.

I'm writing to see if other users have also noticed this drop in quality. Please let me know, and/or point me to the existing thread if this is a known issue.

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Weird you never got a response here but I've seen it. After an Evernote break I really became a heavy user again summer of 2012 and even got a pro account. Then, late last year I began encountering this too. Typically it would suggest one notebook over and over -- granted, one I use a lot, but that shouldn't matter if the clip content clearly contains keywords indicating it should go into another.


You'd think more notes would get better results over time, but it's getting worse again recently. Nothing big, but after a couple of bizarre clipping choices you start to notice and wonder.

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Hi folks, we've done improvements on the Smart Filing recommendations that was released May 8. I'm curious to hear if you guys experience any improvements after that. It would mostly affect the notebook selection but some effects on tagging as well. 

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