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(Archived) Mac vs. PC Interface



I just started using Evernote with my college students. Some have Macs and PCs. I have Mac device and had no idea that the interface was so very different. Is there anyway for them to get their pages to look anything like mine with the graphics of the brown notebooks, etc.?

Thank you.

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Hi. Welcome to the forums!

No, I am afraid you cannot do a whole lot to tweak the user interface. A major Windows update is expected soon, but I don't know yet if it will have the brown notebooks. Evernote doesn't talk much about their roadmap of development, so we'll just have to wait and see!

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Thanks, GrumpyMonkey. This is good to know. I kept trying to modify it, but wasn't getting very far. My PC using students were a little disappointment that their versions looked nothing like mine, which they thought was great. I'm not a PC user, but theirs are not nearly as easy on the eye. The Mac version is lovely.

Thanks again.

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