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(Archived) Date and Time on Mac/iOS lagging behind Windows and Web

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Hi Guys,

I'm having a strange scenario here. In short, the date/time stamp on my on Windows/Web is 16 hours apart from the date/time stamp on iOS/Mac OSX.

I've tested creating a new note in Evernote Web or Evernote desktop app in Windows 8. I created it around 00:00. When I load the note on iOS/OSX, it shows up as last edited/created on 16:00, basically 16 hours ahead.

It isn't too big a deal, but it does cause conflicts, and also when I edit something in Windows, it'll usually stay at the top of Evernote on iOS/OSX for the next 16 hours, since it's the "newest" note there.

I've attached a screenshot here showing a file that I created in Evernote desktop in Windows 8 around 11:19pm.


One thing that I noticed that might be causing the issue is that my Windows 8 system settings was originally using a GMT-8 time zone, and I'm actually in a GMT+8 time zone, hence the 16-hour difference. I did update the time in Windows 8 back to GMT+8, rebooted, and tried creating the note in Evernote Web (via Windows 8), and Evernote Desktop on Windows 8, but I'm still facing the same issue.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, as this issue is pretty irritating.

Thanks in advance!


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Ah, I managed to figure out the solution to this. It's slightly embarrassing, but after changing by time zone back to GMT+8, I forgot to change the actual time. I've since changed the time on my computer, and it seems good now.

I didn't delete this topic in case someone happens to make the same mistake, but if the mods think it's redundant, please go ahead and delete it.


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