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(Archived) Selecting "Share, Copy & Open" opens three browser tabs now

Alan Houser

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@Alan - Any chance you're running a tab manager extension in Chrome?

We just tested the same setup and had no issues.

If you're not running any tab manager extensions can you try disabling all extensions first and see if you have the same problem? If you don't then it is most likely one of your extensions causing this behavior. If you do still see this behavior please shoot me a PM and we can try and get some more information from you.

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I just killed any Extensions that are related to tabs, and I still see it in Chrome. 


Selecting Safari as my default browser and trying this again, it only opens one tab in Safari.


Setting Chrome back to default I see the same multi-tab issue. It varies between 2-3. Never more than three, and seldom will open one tab.


The only other thing I could come-up with was (default) tab-pinning. Unpinning & restarting didn't help. (still multi-tabs)


I also just tried sharing without using a mouse— thinking it could be seeing "two clicks", but navigating with keyboard does the same thing.


Lastly, I just disabled ALL extensions, and I still see multiple tabs when selecting "Share, Copy & Open"

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Thanks Alan. We'll look into it and see if we can figure out what is going on. So far we have not been able to replicate this situation. 


I'm using the same setup as you with the exception I have a MBPR vs. your iMac and do not get the same multiple tabs situation. 

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Thanks. I just noticed the same thing happened when sharing a document from the Mac Evernote app. Two tabs opened when after sharing + selecting "open URL in browser". However, I can't replicate it now. 


But the Skitch issue happens every-time. 


Certainly not critical, but just weird.

(I can blast through multiple ⌘W's very quickly.)

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I'm having trouble with the same issue. Wondering when you will fix. Steps to reproduce:


- Disable all browser extensions

- Quit Chrome

- Reopen Chrome

- Share Copy Open a screenshot


This happens in Chrome on the dev channel, but it happened on the stable channel as well. I'm running Mountain Lion 10.8.2.


27.0.1438.7 (Official Build 187670dev

Version 2.0.5 (262483)

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@ekrubnivek - Thanks for the steps. We are having a real hard time replicating this same bug. I just used the exact same steps and setup as you and only had a single tab open.


We've got a bug open and will continue to investigate. Odd that it is only happening in Chrome, rather than in any browser. 

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Hey all - We just figured out how to replicate the problem, and we are 99% sure the problem lies in Chrome. 


We are only making a single call to Chrome to open the browser, but some reason Chrome is interpreting that as multiple calls. We're trying to see if other apps have this problem.

We've reported the bug to Google, and logged on our side to see if there is anything we can do, but since it looks like this is a Chrome bug, there might not be much we can do.

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