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(Archived) Extremely annoying history + search behaviour


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Good afternoon Evernote team. I really need to communicate to you certain illogical, possibly buggy behaviour which I found hugely annoying.

Firstly, I use note hyperlinks intensively in my research. Like other users, I try to construct wiki-style repository of my knowledge. The client does very little to facilitate this approach- which is very disappointing, but excusable. However, my typical workflow is as follows:

(Please note the specific mouse clicks and keyboard input)

1. While editing a note, realise it needs a hyperlink to related note.

2. Click on search field and type a query, searching for related note.

3. Once desired note appears in results, right click on list entry and choose Copy Note Link

My goal now is to go back to the first note, to paste the link. Using history to do so should be straightforward. However, during dynamic search, every top result which has appeared WHILE TYPING has entered the history. Often it is the same thought entering history multiple times and clogging history list! The first note is thus burried uder 5-10 notes which I never explicitly clicked on, or edited. It gets worse. I then try to use history list by long-clicking back button. Even if I still find and click first thought's history entry (skipping all search-induced entries) Evernote does not send me the the first thought! It sends me to first thought from search results. This is not an expected behaviour. It gets worse. If I mispell a word while searching and results' list is empty- it deletes the whole history, meaning I need to do yet another search just to get back to where I started.

Please, I urge you to fix this behaviour. Search results should NOT be automatically entering note history. There is no typical use scenario when this behaviour would be in any way helpful. Thank you for consideration.

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