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(Archived) Calendar ? is there something within EN to replace Google calendar?

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I have a Smasung S Epic phone .

I have been useing Google calendar for years now I learn they are dropping some of the Sync options.

I am trying to figure out if there is a Calander with in the elephant & if not what is a good program that is compatable with it.

need to have reminders for appointments & to do lists .


I hope I was clear on the infromation

Yea I am pretty green but love the elephant

Thanks for your time


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Hi - welcome to the forums: I think you asked two questions there -

Have a look around for calendar apps with Evernote connections. I use Meshin Calendar which allows you to connect events to notes, and syncs with Google Calendar. I don't know whether that will continue if/when Gcal changes, but they haven't said anything about upcoming problems, so I'm hoping the service will continue. In the interests of balance there are other apps out there, most of which I've tried - but couldn't be bothered to document what they all are! Google also offer a sync between Gcal and Outlook which I use a lot - hope that doesn't get killed too. I find I don't actually use Google Calendar directly - I just put dates into Meshin or Outlook and they migrate around my desktop and mobile quite happily.

For minor 'to dos' I use Astrid - one of many kazillions of to do managers. Evernote isn't really geared up to be a quick and dirty item handler - although I'm sure I'll get shouted at by others here who do advanced GTD with notebooks and checkboxes. I'm too lazy to make that sort of thing work.

Best advice here is always - look around, try stuff out. Find what works for you!


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Thank you & sorry for the typo in my heading proof read everything but that!

Althou Goofle works for me LOL

Yea i did download the meshin it on my phone but I dont see it on my PC I need to get this going to where I can have it synced between multiple computers

So hard to type even with a slide out keyboard on the android with my fat fingers.

Thanks very much!

Have a great day!


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Considering I'm supposed to be a proofreader (amongst other things) it's a shame I didn't actually notice the headline! <sigh>

Meshin don't do a desktop solution (yet) so that's why I have my Outlook>Google>Meshin links in place. The keyboard entries I do with Outlook, the 'phone ones tend to be shorter entries for editing later.

Good luck anyway!

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Hi Slowrider,

I corrected your topic header, but Goofle was not bad either... :)

EN has said that they will come out with a much expected calendar/due date functionality soon. We don't know exactly when but it is coming. As Gaz already said there are a million apps out there for "to do lists / calendar", so just look around and see what fits your needs. Personally, I am using Toodledo, but there are many others.

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