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(Archived) How to move to note with Keyboard

Edan Maor



I've just upgraded to the new Mac version of Evernote (5). I'm really loving it!

I have one problem, which I can't seem to solve: After using the "search" to look for a note, how do I move to that note without using the mouse? Similarly, how do I move from the Notebook list on the left, to the open note?

This is driving me crazy, as my default path is: Search for title of note I need -> Look at the excellent suggestions, pick the appropriate one -> Starting working on it. But I can't do the third step because I can't get out of the search box!

What am I missing?



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Type your search

Cursor down to the search result you want

Hit enter/return and your note will load

Once you have selected a notebook in the list, the top note is already selected - just cursor up and down.

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Hi Metrodon,

Thanks for answering!

The problem is, after I search and hit "enter", the focus is stil in the search box, not in the note window. Which means that, for example, pressing cursor down will open more search results. Or trying to type something into the note will type it in the search box.

What am I missing?

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