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(Archived) New cycle on free version


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Hi there

I uploaded a lot of pictures and documents last night taking me to 60% as it was the last day of my cycle on EN.

Today I rotated and moved some of the docs I uploaded yesterday I then checked my monthly usage and it says I have used 60% and have 27 days left in the cycle.

Have I used 60% of the new cycle just by moving the notes or is this an error?

This seems strange as I haven't uploaded a single thing today.

I hope I haven't used it as have the same amount to enter again and will have to wait until next month now

Thanks in advance


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When you modify an image in any way (rotate, resize, crop), it gets re-uploaded & goes against your upload limit. OTH, if you simply move the note to a different notebook, add/remove tags, etc, I don't think that requires the image to be re-uploaded.

Similarly, if you add a PDF or a Word document to a note, sync, then modify the PDF or Word document, it needs to be re-uploaded & goes against your monthly allotment.

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Thanks for your reply. I will have to make sure all if my uploads have had any adjustments before the end of my cycle in the future

Thanks again

You're welcome.

IMO, it's best to make any adjustments (rotate/annotate/crop/etc) BEFORE uploading to EN, in order to conserve your upload amount.

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Can you tell me if merging notes eats into it?

I'm pretty sure it does b/c the two original notes get put into the trash & a new note is created. What you can do is create a local/non-sync'd notebook. Put the images you're working on in there. Once they are cropped/rotated/annotdated/merged/etc, then move the final, completed note to a sync'd notebook.

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