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(Archived) REQ: Evernote on Samsung device, memory trouble and Multiwindows :)


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Hi !

I'm a premium user of evernote, and i have evernote app on my Samsung Devices (Note - Note 2) and i have tried it on other devices (S3 - G.Tab 2 7"), but all have a little trouble on memory usage !

On These devices, the database of Evernote is in "sdcard0" that is the main device memory (14GB available) , trouble come out when you have some GB of Notes that you want to Sync (in my case 6GB gone, but i have to don't sync offline all notes or i lack in space !) and other apps that will use the "sdcard0" .

So i think will be more appreciated if Evernote could use database on "extSdCard" (the µSD), we have 32-64GB of space on this, let's use it instead of internal memory ! Some other vampire space app, like Sygic and Gameloft games, also are installed on "sdcard0" but you can move by yourself on "extSdCard" and they will works ! :)

Please, make Evernote on Samsung device movable in "extSdCard" ! :)

Also i think will be very usefull the Multiwindows Support of Samsung devices, reading a note while searching material on Web or writing an email regarding that note,would be the excellence ! :)

Tnk for reading ^^

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