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(Archived) Suggestion for Evernote Windows - Highlight Current Text Formatting


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When creating notes, I often use a combination of nested lists and formatting such as bold and italics to help make them easy to read later.

One thing that I find myself always getting snagged with is if the bold or italics are turned on or off, because the highlighting doesn't change until I've actually typed a character.

Here in the forums, or in most editors, if I hit ctrl-i or ctrl-b I will immediately see the corresponding icon highlighted in some way so I know that what I type next will be bolded or italicized.

It goes both ways: if I'm typing in bold and then hit ctrl-B to unbold and stop for a minute to think, the bold icon will stay highlighted until I type something.

I don't think it's a local issue, as the behavior is the same on 2 different machines, one running winXP and one running win7.

I get confused by this all the time, and would love to see it addressed in a future update.

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