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(Archived) How to move notes inside a notebook


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I skimmed through the forums, and there's lots of threads about moving notes to different notebooks. What I want to know is: how can I move notes inside a single notebook? (Move them up or down).

Thanks so much,

Pesteh (Pistachio)

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Hi and welcome to the forums !

You can sort your notes inside a notebook by various columns. Choose listview and then click on the column head. That gives you various possibilities for sorting.


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Hi Wern! thanks so much for your response. I've tried that, but that only allows for built-in variations of movement. I have about 20 notes in a notebook and I need to sort them one by one in a particular order. Is that possible? Or am I being stupid? :-P

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The only way to do it is to use the title of the note to organize them. Name your notes 1. xxx, 2.xxx, 3.xxx, etc and then sort by title.

You could also use date/time as a manual sort key. I have a few notebooks managed that way, I like it better than titles as it's aesthetically more transparent. That only works if date/time isn't important though.

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I also wish that there was an easier way.  Here is a bit of a cumbersome but useful was to solve the problem for now.  Allen touched on it but I will elaborate a bit.  I use the date created on the note.  This does mean that the date that I actually created it will now be incorrect, but I find that I didn't use it all that much.  For an item that I want to appear at the top of the list, I use a date from the past.  The more important that note is the closer it will appear to the top of any list that I have sorted.  The most important ones always show up first (this is assuming that is the way that you sort you list...date created oldest first.  Once the importance is over I can change the day back.  With a nearly unlimited number of dates in the past, sorting your list is easy and the fact that date won't change until you change it makes the priority that you have given it, nearly permanent.  


I hope that helps

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