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(Archived) Feature Request: Tags on notebooks.

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To increase the usefulness of tags, organizing notes by tags, and searching for tags.


Just like you can set tags for a note. You can set tags for a notebook as well. By itself this is useless, but combine it with the fact that a note "inherits" all the tags set on its notebook.


Avoid redundancy of tag input. Using a lot of tags, I often have to set many tags on a note, even before I start writing the note. I have some common combinations of these tags, and it would be helpful to have these auto-set just by choosing the right notebook for the note, which I do already. Without this, sometimes typing the tags takes more time than typing or snapshotting the note itself.

Note that this is a separate organization issue from buildling a "hierarchy" of tags by nesting tags. That serves and entirely different purpose.

This helps tags further replace the unusable Stacks/Notebook system for hierarchical organization.

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