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(Archived) Ability to select own subject when emailing a note

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Just started using Evernote for the iPhone and am thrilled with the potential.

However, one question -- seems like it should be obvious, but I can't seem to find a solution.

I also use Omnifocus on the Mac and the iPhone for general organization, task management, etc. In order to efficiently share notes in Evernote with Omnifocus, I need to ability to create my own subject line when emailing the note.

Does this make sense?

I'm not sure why Evernote automatically chooses the subject line of the email in other words, and doesn't offer an option to edit it.

Or am I just missing that feature somewhere?

It seems like this might be a nice feature all around and not just for Omnifocus users -- ability to add someone's name to the subject, or topic, etc.

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The iPhone "mail note" feature currently sets the subject of the email based on the title of your note. So if you use a different title, then the subject will be changed. There's currently no way to explicitly set the subject line to a different value, but thanks for the suggestion.

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