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(Archived) Mac Notebook design interface = terrible



Who designed the user interface on Mac OS for notebooks and notebook stacks?

The only options available (list and grid) are both awful. Neither follows the principle of natural mapping. The designers clearly chose aesthetics over usability and clarity (and even those aesthetics are laughable). Amazingly, the Windows version is much easier to use than the mac version (and the iOS version is even worse than the mac version).

Suggestions: Notebook stacks should be clearly delineated. They should not move when opening a different stack. The inherent organization of the Evernote system is based upon a hierarchical structure. Utilize this psychological principle in the user interface design. Niether the grid nor list do that. You did it on the windows version. Give me that option on mac.

Every time I try to make a new notebook stack in list mode, it is F*cking nightmare, and gets worse the more stacks you have. The grid view is atrocious. Stacks have no strict location. Arrangement is alphabetical. WTF? People arrange their ideas by concept, not alphabetically.

Why can't I have notebook stacks within notebook stacks? It was possible on computers from 1990s (i.e., folders within folders within folders).

Evernote is a great application, but the terrible notebook UI is ruining the experience.

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Hi. Welcome to the forums.

A deeper hierarchy for notebooks has been suggested in the past, but I have not heard any word from Evernote that they are considering that, and I think it is probably unlikely to occur anytime soon. Notebooks have their uses (http://www.princeton.edu/~cmayo/evernote-notebook.html), but I recommend familiarizing yourself with tags if you want to get the most out of the application (http://www.princeton.edu/~cmayo/evernote-tag.html).

As for the way notebooks are displayed on the Mac, it is not my favorite part of the interface, and I have my own preferences for this kind of thing, but I don't think it is a nightmare. Perhaps I feel this way, though, because I avoid using notebooks.

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