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I have a couple of projects in Evernote that heavily use Note Links to create a "landing page" that cross links the various notes in the project. This is extremely useful on Android as when the main note is "fullscreened" clicking on a notelink opens up the linked note in a kind of popup. I was hoping that something similar would happen in the "Metro" version of Evernote. But for some reason., clicking on notelinks does absolutely nothing.

Am I doing something wrong? Do notelinks work in the Metro version? Its a shame as I'm really digging the way I can "dock" the Metro version to the side of the screen in a similar manner that I could do with OneNote on my old Win7 machine.

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I guess I'm the only person who uses the Note Link feature then.

Or, the only one using Metro :)

I have exactly the same kind of system set up for my personal wiki, and it works great in Windows, OSX, iOS, and Android. My guess would be that you have encountered a bug. Have you reported it with a support ticket (see link in my signature below)?

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The reason why I was asking was that I was unsure whether it was a bug or simply a "yet-to-implemented" feature.

Both? :)

I think it is worth reporting, because (in my opinion) any link "ought" to work. That is one of those fundental features you expect to have available on every client, no matter how new it is.

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