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(Archived) Searching note text for multiple occurrences


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In the Windows client (4.6.2..., updated just this morning):

How do I search a very long note for multiple occurrences of a particular string -- JUMPING the cursor to each occurrence?

I know using the search field above the notes list panel will highlight the string in the note in yellow, but the note is very long and the yellow highlight is not very bright. Is there a CTRL-N equivalent to cause the cursor to jump to the next occurrence?


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Thanks jefito,

I found the Keyboard shortcuts in the Knowledgebase, but the suggested keys (F6, Ctrl-Alt-F) didn't work for me -- kept taking me back to the search field. The focus wasn't shifting from the search field into the note.

> These are all in the menus: Edit / Find and Replace / ...

That's a big old D'oh! on me -- of course. Ah! And now I'm seeing a little search box at the bottom of the note with Next/Previous buttons and the search text is highlighted in orange. That's what I needed.


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