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(Archived) Cannot edit some notes with Evernote for Windows


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I have updated Evernote for windows this morning and since I have faced 2 notes that I wasn't able to edit at all. I wanted to add a single line information but there was no places inside of the note where I would be able to have my cursor...

First time I face such situation. Shouldn't I be able to edit any notes on windows?

I can't find the previous version on my system so I can't install and test with it.




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Yes, the note was coming from a web clipped page...

Strange situation since the problem went away for one of the note eventually, while I still have it on other notes.

Right now I have the problem on notes created in 2010 for example, which were coming from clipping a full web page. The note where the problem was present earlier and is now working properly is a more recent note (June 2012)

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I have this problem too.  I use the iOS app called "Everlog Lite" -- very nice app for quickly appending or prepending notes (optionally with various data fields, e.g., a date) to existing Evernote notes.


It works very well--much, much faster than trying to do the same in Evernote itself.


However, suddenly this note (and only this note) is no longer editable within the Windows or iPad clients.  Oddly, I can edit it on the iPhone.


Addendum: suddenly, after trying maybe a dozen times or two, Evernote on the iPad will let me edit the note as well.  Windows will not, however.  No cursor appears in that note--it's as though it's a read-only note.


Any suggestions?


Addendum 2: this morning, after shutting down last night, it works fine.   No idea what happened--has never happened before, and I hope will not again.

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