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Password Protect Evernote on a Mac?



I've just upgraded to a Premium membership and starting to add more content, but I thought I would be able to at least password protect access to Evernote since it runs on three of my Macs. I can now add a password on my iPhone and iPad but can't seem to secure access to my Macs and I'd like to store passwords, financial info, etc. and would like to secure it. Help--does anybody know if this is possible? All tips greatly appreciated!

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You can encrypt individual notes but there is no way to lockdown the Evernote app. There are lots of solutions for securing your Mac and the suggested advice is that you take advantage of one and therefore secure all of your data including Evernote.

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Thanks Metrodon, I think I'll delete the Evernote app from my laptop, require password entry to my iMacs and encrypt the note that I put passwords on, assuming I can decrypt on an iPhone and iPad. If not, I'll keep my passwords in SplashID

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Thanks again Metrodon, I'll look into 1Password and LastPass. I've been using SplashID which works fine on Macs and iPhones, but you have to manually sync it each time.

I've used SplashID for years, way back on my Palm PDAs. I still use it as the "source of all truths" . But in the past ~three years, I'm using Roboform more & more b/c the whole "must manually sync to my devices when they are on my home WIFI" is very annoying these days, when cloud storage & syncing is so prevalent & much easier.

(Having said that, I remember when I upgraded to a Palm TX & was so jacked that I could sync over my WIFI & not have to bother with cables...)

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Thanks BurgersNFries, I'll look into Roboform as well. I chuckled when I read your note because I realized that I started using SplashID with my first Treo, and it was a great product but no cloud storage and syncing makes it second rate nowadays.

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I've started using 1password as well (which I like), and they offer encrypted software called Knox. I'm considering the latter in order to password protect Evernote, my contacts, and other software that doesn't normally require a login on your Mac.

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