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This is very important for me as well...this is preventing me for really adopting evernote..it really currently looks like a one way system. You can put information in but you can't really get it out. My daily workflow covers many apps and I want to be able to transition my data along with my workflow. Note taking is key..evernote has a great system but once the data is in evernote they think you are done...So please allow export in the most common formats...Every mac apps I use supports this.

Thanks for your consideration

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It was more of a joke - sarcasm doesn't travel well over the internet unfortunately.

Yes, exporting to TXT or RTF would be nice - you can do something similar with an Applescript, or maybe even an Automator script if you're lucky.

With a little time, you could probably work out an Applescript solution.

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Works in all major text-editing apps, including TextEdit and Word.

So you are suggesting that if i want to take my stuff out of Evernote, i copy-past the content of each document ? Ok if i have 5 documents. But what if i have several hundreds ? Selecting them all, and dropping them on the desktop would be simpler, hum ?

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Jeez, don't you guys ever get bored?

I think it's extremely unlikely that EN will ever export to Word - why would they export to another proprietary format? If they did rich text then people would complain about formatting losses.

Instead they export to HTML - a format that can be used on any computer with a browser (every computer now?) - if you really want you can open them in Word too.

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"I'm hesitant to dive into Evernote fully without the ability to get my notes back out in some reasonable form. Exporting asrtfd files (which can contain attachments) would seem like the obvious way to do this."

I couldn't say better. PLEASE :shock: make it possible to export notes in a TEXTEDIT or WORD format. I don't understand why you don't do it !


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Developers not active? According to the forum software, I've posted 3006 times in the last year (16.43% of all posts / 8.52 posts per day ... including weekends). Keep in mind that there are 750,000 Evernote users and only around a couple dozen Evernote employees total. :-)

Again, there are numerous ways to export your data from Evernote, and we plan to add more in the next few months.


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* some good points on this forum.

* 99% of my notes are some sort of text (web, email, typed notes) and so getting those out would cover most of my needs and, my guess, most other users.

* evernote developers don't seem to be very active on these forums or in general. hopefully they are busy developing their app but some updates would be useful.

* slightly unrelated: i've used the windows app briefly (using parallels on my mac) and i just can't stand the interface. it may just be that i've become too accustomed to mac osx but the controls are quite imprecise.

* i repeat: please provide a simple way to export notes evernote.

* has anyone looked at the applescript extensions of evernote and its ability to export notes?

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I'd also like to chime in here. I'm hesitant to dive into Evernote fully without the ability to get my notes back out in some reasonable form. Exporting as rtfd files (which can contain attachments) would seem like the obvious way to do this. HTML is ok, I suppose, as long as information isn't lost in the process. I agree that PDF is not a viable option -- I want to in principle be able to move these notes into something else (perhaps even just a folder on the disk) and be able to continue to edit them (e.g., with TextEdit). PDF wouldn't allow that.

Of course, it's quite possible that Evernote will support things that rtf can't at some point. Elsewhere people had been proposing the possibility of "scribbling" overtop images in notes, and I'm not sure that would be so easy to dump faithfully into an rtf file. But for the basic (rich) text notes, it's very important to be able to export them as (rich) text.

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i'd like to add my voice here and say that i would like to be sure i can get my data out of evernote and into another pervasive format easily (PDF is not an option for data portability IMO). this is in the following potential scenarios:

* evernote goes bust and shuts down

* evernote stops developing for mac, iphone, etc.

* evernote slacks off and competitors that are much better emerge.

* i need to move to a different system, platform or other where evernote offers no support

thanks for your help and attention and so far i think evernote is doing a pretty good job but there are many areas you can work on.

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I'm sorry but PDF is not really an acceptable format for sharing data, printing yes, keeping information somewhat secure, maybe but not for exporting. I can't take that PDF and import the data into another program. Besides that's built into Mac, not really a part of Evernote. And if you're espousing me setting up a mail client to get my notes that doesn't seem very efficient or user friendly. HTML is a step in the right direction as an option IMO but not something I'd want as a sole export/backup of my notes.

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We have a number of open ways to get data out of Evernote (PDF on the Mac, HTML on Windows, a simple XML format on both platforms, IMAP, POP3, etc.) ... so we're definitely not trying to "lock in" anyone. We haven't added the "export to pretty HTML" feature to the Mac client yet, that's all.

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I'd like to add my name to this request. Until a proper non proprietary export is implemented i'll continue to use and extoll Evernote as fit only for use of non-important data. I'm sure you would like to lock in as many users as possible to only use Evernote but many people use multiple data gathering softwares and share that data amongst many people who may or may not use the same software. Being file format agnostic is important for the user.

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Being able to export text notes as rtf files is very important to me. I'd like to develop ideas and documents in Evernote, and then export as rtf to edit and layout in Word or Pages.

Also, "email as rtf attachment" would be great to allow me to share notes as documents with non-Evernote users. Some of my clients can't deal with anything unless it's a readable by Word! (Yes, large institutions!) So, using Evernote for my meeting notes is not on - as I can't easily pass the notes on to them in a form they can use.


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A good LOCAL (!!) export feature (especially for Premium Users) is very important for me. If, for instance, Evernote goes out of business (something we all hope never happens), I want to be able to automatically export all attached files and notes with links to these files so that I do not lose the stuff!

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You can fake this by connecting to Evernote as an IMAP mailbox and save from your mail client of choice. Not easy, not quick, hardly automatic, but it works. This is my last-ditch method of getting my data out of Evernote should the need arise.

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