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(Archived) Drag Image from Safari to a Notebook?



I'm trying to add an image from Safari to a particular notebook in Evernote Mac (5.0.5.) I thought this would be as simple as dragging the image from Safari onto the notebook (in the Notebooks list in Evernote) but it doesn't seem to work. If I drag the image to my Desktop first, then find it there and drag it to Evernote, it works fine, but this seems pretty clumsy.

Am I imagining things, or did you used to be able to drag things straight from Safari to a Notebook?

This is an example of an image I'm trying to drag: http://www.mountainskyreiki.com/Temple%20Reiki%20Share/Meditation%20Bell.JPG



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You can certainly drag your image to a specific note, I just tried with your example and it worked.

Are you trying to create a new note in a specific notebook by dragging it the notebook? I don't think I've ever tried that so I'm not sure whether it ever worked or not.

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Yup, that's exactly what I'm trying. It works with other things -- I can drag a document from the desktop onto a notebook, and it creates a new note in that notebook just fine. It's a nice, easy way of creating a note in a specific notebook with no friction at all. It just doesn't work when I drag from Safari.

I'm relatively sure that it used to work, but I can't be certain. After all, if my memory was that good, I wouldn't need Evernote ;D


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Not a bug in fact. We've never built that functionality, but I'm logging it as a feature request. Thanks for posting! Great idea.

Fab, thanks! I have a few secondary "design inspiration" notebooks for particular projects, where I often want to add things directly to them from the web. Being able just to drag stuff to them from Safari would really reduce my friction.


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Oh OK, the OP seemed to suggest it used to work so I assumed it was a bug.

Apparently it was just my faulty memory! Maybe I was thinking of another app -- quite a few apps I use accept direct image drags from Safari.


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Any updates on this?

This is the #1 feature I would like to have.


I have actually been able to drag an image from Safari to Evernote but there is a huge lag, and then Evernote is on top, but Safari thinks it's still on top, so I have to click back and forth to get the windowing corrected.




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OK, I see that I can drag an image into a notebook and it creates a new note.


So I suppose I am after a different feature.



When I drag an image from Safari (50-200k image) into an existing note I get the same lag with the green + symbol orb cursor and both Safari and Evernote are unresponsive for 4-5 seconds.


So, it works like I want but there's a significant lag each and every time.

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