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(Archived) Opening Two Notes Side By Side in Full Screen

Old Timekeeper


Hi I noticed since I upgraded to Evernote 5 for Mac that I can no longer open multiple notes (i.e. putting them side by side) when Evernote is in full screen.

It goes like this: in expanded card view, double-click on a note to open one, then double click to open another note. The first note would just disappear to the background.

This is a nuisance esp. while I am editing multiple notes or trying to compare between notes.

Please fix this! Thanks!

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I often find myself disappointed with window management with regards to many fullscreen Apps.

As a very elegant workaround, I find myself not using fullscreen at all- and instead using a window manager to very quickly move windows to the left or right of screen. This would suit your needs quite well I believe... simply double click the first note to open it in a new window, "send" it right of screen; then double click the second note and "send" it left of screen- with quick and easy keyboard shortcuts. Check out apps like SizeUp or Divvy (I use this one as it's cross platform).

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