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Feature request: Edit images in Evernote using Skitch



I like editing images I capture into Evernote (especially cropping and resizing mobile snaps). Skitch is a great editor, but when I open a photo from an Evernote note in Skitch, it ends up saving as a new file in the "Skitch" notebook. I'd really like to see it handle in-line editing, it would be a great timesaver!

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You can quickly copy the image from Evernote + paste-into Skitch + drag back to Evernote fairly quickly, but yes— editing "live" would be pretty nice.

This is what Adobe calls "Round-Trip-Editing" (Exporting a file from Fireworks and adding it into Dreamweaver. Then in Dreamweaver, you can click 'edit' which launches Fireworks to edit that file. Then saving again in Fireworks brings Dreamweaver back into view + refreshes with the newly edited image in-place. They do this with several apps, and it's just naturally fantastic when it works as planned.

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I've discovered that for simple edits (crop, rotate etc.) the ImageTricks app from the Mac App store does a better job than Skitch - it allows you to edit the picture and when you hit save in Imagetricks it updates the note in Evernote. 

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Ummm .... and please hurry up.  ON THE MAC.  


And...please give us the choice...from inside the note or notebook in evernote...edit this note with Skitch and leave it in Skitch when done, OR edit this note with Skitch and leave it in evernote when done, replacing the note (or note image) with the edited version...  AND a third option, edit this note with Skitch and put it back as a new note, leaving the original note intact and the Skitched note in the same notebook with the same name ".skitch" or some such.


I just downloaded Skitch only to discover using it with my notes is a multi-step process, and likely just won't use it until this is fixed.  Please hurry.


Thanks, Evernote is a great product, just needs this teeny tiny little smoother integration with Skitch and it'll be awesome.

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This feature is absolutely needed!


Our small company uses notes chock full of images for technical procedures, and we would love to use skitch to go through and annotate them for more detail. 


To take each individual image and swap them out manually would take a significant amount of time!

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