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(Archived) Windows 8 and Evernote


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Is it just me or is Windows 8 just a complete car crash as far as Evernote is concerned? Have been trying for a while now. First of all it would not sync. Now I have just installed it onto a brand new Windows 8 machine and it just sits there on a lovely Green Evernote screen. I click on log in, I click on I have an account. It does not matter what I click on nothing is happening.Anyone got any ideas? Or is anyone having similar problems. I use Evernote on ipad, iphone, mac, windows 7 (and even on Linux using Everpad as a thirdy party piece) and it works flawlessly on all of these. Windows 8. Different story. Matthew.

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I'm experiencing much the same. I can't type titles sometimes, won't sync, notes show up in different notebooks than created, etc. etc.

I'd just like to know that it's being handled and I'll just use the web app for now. Has anyone heard an update for the Win8 64bit version being stable?

If the Premium' version was solid, I'd just upgrade, I plan to anyway.

Thanks, Matthew

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