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(Archived) Help...can't figure out settings


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Had to get a new computer..with old one the following occured:

1. Documents into scanner

2. PDF to Desktop of computer in "scanSnap Documents" folder

3. PDF to evernote and ability to rename PDF file Automatially with me doing nothing.

I cannot figure out how to set it up this way again.

I get the items scanned, and they show up in evernote, but not in PDF that I can rename and edit.

Any ideas??


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You need to set up an Evernote import folder, for one. In the menu, go to Tools / Import Folders... That won't solve the renaming problem, though -- that's between you and your scanner (or you can retitle in the resultant Evernote note). But when you get a scan named correctly, then you just drag it into the import folder that you set up. You could also get your scanner to scan directly into the import folder.

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