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(Archived) Unable To Move Notes On Windows App

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Hi All,

I thought I read something about moving notes in the 'Business' side working properly now.

Just moved 551 notes in Windows application from one folder into a combined one and after syncing many times it is still not showing on the Web browser. Which means it is obviously not showing on any other platform.

Any ideas if this is still a general problem before I report it?



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Yes, still an issue, but random. Here is what I did:

  • Moved notes back to an offline personal notebook (to save on a lot of syncing.)
  • Sync. Ensure everything is sync'd and no sync errors.
  • Go to the Web Admin Console for business, go the tag section, sort by tag count. Delete all tags with no notes.
  • Now move one note back to the account and see if it sync's. If it does, move them over in small batches and sync each time. If it doesn't. Stop and contact business support. I had to move 1,800 notes this way last weekend.

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Hi Ed,

Well tested.

This is moving from Business to Business I am having problems with.

Don't think I have had any problems with moving notes on the Web only when moved on the Windows application. Support are looking into it for me.

Best regards


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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