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Evernote in nursing school

Peter M. Abraham

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I use it for nursing school!

For lectures: All of my professors use powerpoints for lectures, so for each powerpoint/lecture topic I make a new note that gets filed away into a notebook titled after my class. I usually use my iPad or laptop to take notes with based on which as more battery - it's great that I have back up options if something runs out!

For clinical: I haven't done this yet, but I was thinking I would get the Evernote Moleskin (the pocket sized one) for clinicals. We aren't allowed to use phones or iPads on the floor, but taking notes is a must. Then once I am done I can just take pictures of the notes with the app so that they are searchable and I can use them for later.

It has been great for nursing school. Everything we learn builds on top of each other, so it's great to go back to old notes easily to help supplement what I am learning my current classes. I also can forward along e-mails and keep clinical schedules all in one place. I really reccommend it!

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