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(Archived) skypen with Evernote

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i am using the skypen with evernote and am trying to find a better way to organize and find my notes once they have been uploaded. the standard setting has each page of the skypen notepad saved as a note that has the title of the page number. i would like to have the notes go in order that i originally wrote them all in one notebook. so it is an exact virtual copy of what the hard copy notebook is like. does anyone know how i can do that? i am a novice evernote user seeking some advice

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Hi Lockie, welcome to the forums. I'm not a skypen user, so this is just a suggestion - and one you might want to check out carefully before trusting it with any actual notes - but what happens if you just move these notes to another notebook? Does that prevent something working with the skypen? If not, it seems to me you simply have to move the notes into a notebook of your own, and (maybe) tag and/ or retitle them as you need. If your skypen system doesn't like that, you may be better off talking to their developers to see what's possible, and register the need for other options.

(If it doesn't harm the way you use these notes, you could always create a copy of each one in another notebook to do the moving/ re- tag/ titling thing, leaving the originals where they are.)

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