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(Archived) Feature Request - move text to a new note and add a link

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Sometimes I'm taking a long note (for instance, a meeting minutes) and I end up with a lot of non-related to-do's and information in this note.

I need to capture the information fast and only some time after I can do some organization. If I don't splitting the long note into a lot of notes, I'll eventually creating duplicated to-do's or information which will be a pain to follow up.

It would be nice and save me some time to have an option in the note editor to move the selected text to a new note and replace it with its link. This could be available on mobile clients or at least Evernote web too, since Web Clipper does not work within Evernote Web.

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For the Windows client at least, you can make this process easier by using the note back/forward commands Alt+LeftArrow and Alt+RightArrow:

* Cut

* Go to the target note

* Paste

* Note Back (Alt+LeftArrow)

* Copy Note Link

* Note Forward (Alt+RightArrow)

* Paste

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Great tip.

Now what I'm doing is:

* Select the text in the original note

* Win+A to copy the text as a new note

* At new note, Copy Note Link

* Note Back (Alt+LeftArrow)

* Paste Note Link over text at original note

A keyboard shortcut to Copy Note Link would already help a bit.

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