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Flipboard integration - who can help pressure Flipboard ?

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Hi guys - I have been following this thread over at getsatisfaction.com for over a year


where people have been pleading with Flipboard to add Evernote integration. Over this period Flipboard have bothered themselves to respond only once. Surely there are some like minded people here who are desperate for Evernote integration within Flipboard.

Can we get a show of hands who would benefit from this and lets see if we can get Flipboard to sit up and take notice.

Your help would be appreciated.

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Here's what I'm saying. Either Flipboard or Feedly or one of these guys (http://alternativeto.net/software/flipboard/) gets the integration right, or bust. My recommendation is for Evernote to just buy one of the little guys and give me a Clearly app for IOS with an RSS reader. That's what you need to do. If they won't join you, beat 'em.

As it stands I use Flipboard to integrate my Google Reader RSS plus a few other Flipboard only subscriptions, including a Twitter feed. I then browse through them at my leisure - for those stories that are interesting, I have to:

1. Send it to Safari, in case the RSS feed is a short version

2. Use Apple's Clearly clone to get rid of the gunk,

3. Make sure it's all on one page, which sometimes means clicking the 'one page' or 'print' button,

4. Read the actual full story

5. Then send the URL to Evernote via email if it's interesting enough to archive

6. Go back to my Evernote client searching for 'via flipboard'

7. Navigate to the page (if it still exists)

8. Use Clearly and send the whole thing back to Evernote.

I have extended workflows like this for everything, including music, pictures, customer information & developer code - so that I have local and cloud storage and backup of everything that's interesting to me. Dealing with RSS is the most frustrating part. You guys need to solve it. Make a Clearly IOS app, or hop onto somebody. Hell, buy Opera. It's not going to get done right until you do it, Evernote. Don't be shortsighted.

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Im desperate for the same thing.

My current workaround (which isnt horrible) is to simply email articles/pages/whatever to my evernote account from Flipboard. You can have them routed to certain notebooks (provided you remember them all) and have tags added.

details here:


a built in "save to" or "export" function right from Flipboard would obviously save headaches if it could access your notebook names and existing tags.

So add my name to the petition for the integration!


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I'm afraid Flipboard will never do it.

The current update contains.... Make your own magazines.

Still no sound on support forum, they must have it on a blacklist at Flipboard. I'm leaving the flipbored, if the miracle ever happens it will be all over the place and I'll reconsider...

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Agree. The iPad user experience will definately be enhanced by Flipboard Evernote integration. Flipboard is the perfect place for taking -specially- visual notes. It drives me crazy that I need to take extra steps to save the information I am at. 

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Well Flipboard has integrated Evernote.  Poorly.  It seems to take more than a minute for the document to save to Evernote.  All the while, you have to watch the spinning circle.  Zite is painless, but was absorbed into Flipboard.  So its going away.  More than a minute!!!


Its actually easier as a previous poster said - email the article from Flipboard to your Evernote email address. 

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