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join with company such as blurb to make custom photobooks from Evernote

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Hi, welcome to the forums. Evernote tries to be an all-purpose 'Swiss Army Knife' of applications, with a set of efficient features that are useful to all users. Yours seems like a bit of a specialist case, so I don't know whether there is a chance this suggestions will be taken up - but Evernote developers do read the blog, so consider the point made.

Meantime you could export notes to desktop publishing software (or to a print services website) to get your paper output..

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Just wanted to add the discussion by saying I would use a service like that if it existed. There is a huge market in photobooks at the moment, but producing one can get complex. Sucking photos/text from Evernote straight to book printing would be AWESOME. The whole reason I am here now was because I was searching to see if Evernote did this.

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Storing images is not EN's focus, especially given the "relatively small" upload limits which are quickly chewed up when you're dealing with high quality images suitable for hard copy printing. EN focuses more on OCR'ing text in images or keeping images used for reference (IE, a product you may want to buy) instead of travel, event or family photos, which are normally the focus of photo books. So I doubt this is something that EN will do soon, if ever.

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I see lots of uses for this: journals, scrapbooks (especially of kids memorabilia), receipes, log books, printed version of handwritten notes and drawings (from penultimate)

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This post has been out there for awhile, yet still relevant!  I have been using evernote a lot for personal libraries, list etc. . . etc  I love moleskine journals.  


I just recently started to use the evernote food portion.  However, I don't want to go to the work of uploading everything to this app if I can't print it to hard copy.  Evernote has so many partner apps, why not Blurb??? Blurb partners with soooo many apps, and companies - I'm sure evernote could get an affiliation with this.  


This IS something that MANY people want.  If the design team for evernote doesn't realize the HUGE audience they have out there - they're missing the boat!!  Many food bloggers out there print to Blurb.  I know I may refer to my iPhone for access my food recipes - but the hard cover book is Art!  There are other apps out there that will collect and print - however it's just one more app to have to store info in.  It would be nice to have it all in one place - which is what evernote boasts about right???  Also, several bloggers promote evernote - would be nice to have evernote give back to a community that advertises for them.


Would love some feedback from evernote on this.  Check out Blurb.com

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