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Sharing a notebook with a group of emails

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Hello all,

I'm a teacher who wants to share a class notebook with his students (each has a free EN account).

I have all of their email addresses, but curious if EN allows to share with a GROUP email address? (For example, I create a group of my students (with each email address in the group)) or must I enter each email address individually?

I don't mind doing that, but I just thought perhaps there's a quicker way to send things to my class any time I want to share something particular.

Thanks for any advice or suggestions. :) Much appreciated!


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Hi Ted,

Not sure if there is an easier way, but just tested, but creating some email addresses in a 'Word' document, separated by commas.

Copied and pasted into the 'email entry' field and it worked no problem.

This means once you have created the list, you could keep it in a 'Note' then copy and paste when sharing.

Hope that helps.

Best regards


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I always receive following mail back....

I entered with ";" "p.v.d.roek@heras.nl; f.beers@heras.nl " and also tried with comma "F.beers@heras.nl, beersfilip@icloud.com"

what might go wrong here? 




Hello Evernote User.

You recently attempted to send an email message from your Evernote account.

Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver the email to your intended recipient(s).

The email was returned to us as undeliverable and no further delivery attempts are possible.

Please verify the email address(es) you used. Some ideas:

  • Check for typos
  • Check for extra spaces

Details on the undeliverable email message:

Test mailing evernote

p.v.d.roek@heras.nl f.beers@heras.nl

Thank you,

- The Evernote Team

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