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(Archived) BUG: Searching in stack with multiple tags

alex k

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I think I have encountered a bug. I want to search within a stack using multiple tags. I click on a stack, and then click on a tag. Immediately, the left panel scroll bar starts flickering up and down. Technically the search worked: I see the appropriate notes come up. However, I can't scroll down in the left panel to view other tags (I can for a moment, but then the scroll bar snaps to the top and starts flickering again). I also cannot select multiple tags (using ctrl click). When I try, nothing changes. I also cannot select a different tag. The flickering just continues.

Please note, I CAN perform this type of search in a stack using syntax (e.g. stack:tasks tag:@work tag:project-A) and even save the search, but this is not very useful to me because I often need to move back and forth between different tags inside the same stack very quickly. Clicking is much easier and what I need.

I am using Evernote (free, public version) for Win 7 32 bit.

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Hi alex, welcome to the forum :)

This is a strange one, that's for sure.

I can replicate some of what you mention in the latest beta as well.

- I get the tag locked in issue, further clicks do nothing.

- I don't get the scroll bar resetting to the top.

- I also managed to get some weird flickering of the note list as well. As if two searches were being alternated between.

One thing that I do notice, is the search explaination button (next to the search bar) freaking out, for want of a better term. When the search explaination is hidden, there is an animation each time the search parameters change. And when I try to select a stack, then a tag, it appears to constantly play this animation. This suggests to me that the search may be continually being performed, kinda locking it up in the process. But that is a guess and I could be way off...

Definitely something for the devs to look at anyway.


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I am seeing the same behavior in In my case, the "flickering" scroll bar (it jumps up and down really fast) makes scrolling impossible. It only happens when I select a parent notebook (i.e. a notebook that has sub-notebooks underneath it) and then a tag. After selecting a parent notebook, when I click a tag below, the scroll bar starts jumping around. I also noticed that the scroll bar for my notes list flashes every second or so, like maybe it too jumps up and down briefly, while the notebook/tags scroll bar is jumping up and down. It also happens when I dropdown the notebook/tag selector that is located right underneath the search bar. I drop that down and select a parent notebook, then select a tag, and the scroll bar starts jumping up and down.

It just started today and I did not do an update until just a minute ago (hoping the update would fix the problem).

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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