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(Archived) What Trunk app is this?

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Least I assume it was a trunk app.

Saw a screenshot somewhere here of an evernote note template of sorts headed by 'Meeting Summary' followed by what looked like a calendar entry then a template including agenda, notes, action checkmarks?

Been trying to refind but cant.Driving me crazy.

No trunk apps look like it.

Anyone see that.

And...can it be then edited on evernote Android client, or is it just calendar edited data.

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So was this something you downloaded at some point, or just ran across? I'm not sure how you got to the screenshot you posted. Is that on the Evernote Android client, or is that from your calendar? Where'd you snag the snapshot?

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Hehe...thats what I cant remember .

It was online on some blog about a script that sends sets up an evernote calendar in google calendar, then automatically sends

this to Evernote .

Sorry no more info. Thought the pic might ring a bell.

Took that screenshot but didnt make a note of the url.


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