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(Archived) Android Samsung Galaxy Tablet Widget: Old notes overwrite newer ones


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This has happened a few times - partly the design of the keyboard and interface, partly big fingers, and a huge part of the way the system has been created. Trying to figure out a way around it since I've lost a few posts now.

- Hit + through the widget.

- Start writing new note. Life is great - yay productivity! A few sentences go by (this point is important).

- Accidentally hit the home button at bottom of the screen, gently curse

- Hitting the widget returns me back (I think the main Evernote widget, not the + )

- I keep writing.

- Eventually I head over to my desktop to finish up the post. Make sure it's synced up, keep writing (so the post was saved to the hub / EN servers)

- Time goes by. Plants are watered, trips are completed.

- Time to write!

- I hit the + widget to start a new note offline. The original partly (just a few sentences) completed note appears instead of at least the mostly completed version but more importantly a new note.

- I try to get rid of said note. No option to. I want to have the newest version - I connect and sync. Nothing changes. My heart stops beating.

- Suddenly I run to my desktop - old note has now overwritten the new note.

What I think is happening is that when there's a note that's started with the widget and you exit out of it there's a backup somewhere. Then when you open it back up again it pulls that version up. Pulling that version up automatically saves it so NOW it's the newest version. Sync and screwed. If I ran to the newest version of it and opened it up before I connected online then it should have been OK, but just by having it open even though I didn't edit it dooms the newest version to overwrite hell.

I wish It did version controls like Google Docs/Drive - that way at least you could roll back a version in case these sort of syncing issues happen. Looks like I'm not the only one that something like this has happened to regardless of app or platform. And Premium only helps with deleted notes - not overwrites so the same problem is possible. Conflicted versions only happen occasionally - actually haven't seen one yet in this scenario.

I also don't think it's a bug - but it's not a good feature either and one that stops me from using it for everything.

[Edit] Under more exploration the problem is with that "+" option in the widget. It seems to save it differently than a normal note and will always bring up the last version that wasn't closed - not a new note.

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