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Printing multiple notes on mac is broken.

1. select a few notes

2. hit command p

print dialogue only shows the first note.

if you continue to print (in my case i used print to pdf) it prints multiple pdfs instead of one with all the notes combined

even worse, if you print with 4 pages to a sheet it just barfs an error and only prints the first one

i wanted to print multiple pages to a sheet so i could use my notes like index cards and pin them across a board while working out a story line

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I am having trouble printing as well.  On en ver 5.5.1, OSX ver 10.9.2 - 2014 mac book retina and 2011 iMac - when 1 or more note is selected

File => Print note  --  or -- command + P.  Nothing happens. I have tried various maintenance steps, but can't seem to get it to work (plus won't work on either computer).

Can you advise if there is a solution?

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