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(Archived) Switching between multiple accounts


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Hey all,

This may have been answered before, if so I cannot find it so please bare with me. If I upgrade to premium, how many accounts can I have to switch between them? Is it only 2 accounts allowed? Do I have to purchase premium for each account? Is it limited to only a certain computer? Any help would be appreciated.


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If you upgrade to premium, you keep your original account; it just has extra powers. You only need one account for all your devices; you just download the proper client, and log in using your credentials. You can create more than one account, if you work at it, but most people don't need to.

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As a premium user, you can be logged into any number of premium accounts, but only one free account at any time. For example, I have a premium account, but I often log in to the [free] accounts of my children to back up their databases. I can do this once, but in order to add another free account, I have to log out of the first one. Mine stays logged in the whole time. Hopefully this makes sense...

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Hey guys,


Rather than make a new thread I thought I'd add my question in here


Right now I have 2 free accounts. 1 for my company, 1 for my personal. I use evernote a lot on my PC and on my android phone


If I upgrade either one of these accounts to premium, I would be able to freely switch between them is that correct?


For example on my android phone I can switch accounts as easily as on my PC? I don't have a data connection on my phone and I rely a lot on evernote. The problem I am having right now is that with 2 free accounts I have to log out on my phone to log in to my other free account.


With the premium feature, I am able to switch on my android phone with no internet connection and have everything stored there in offline search?

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