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(Archived) iPhone Search - should I get same results as mac client?

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I have just started testing using evernote as a way to carry around lots of documents and to access them on my iPhone.

However I have uploaded a PDF, and whilst I can search and find the document on multiple words in the mac client, if I put that any of those same words in the search on the iPhone, I receive no results. Is there any known problem with the iPhone search, or does this work OK for others?

Thanks, Richard

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The iPhone client performs its search against the web service, which may not index the entire PDF document if it is very large. Words in the beginning of the document should be found, however, and any text within the note itself.

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"Large" is a little fuzzy ... basically, the server spends up to 15 seconds trying to extract text from the document, and then quits at that point if it hasn't finished.

You could try copying that PDF out into new note to see whether you can find the text in the second note.

The Mac and the web service do use different software libraries for accessing the PDFs, so there may also be a compatibility problem, but I couldn't confirm that for sure without taking a look at the PDF. If it isn't private/sensitve, let us know and we'll contact you for permission to inspect it.

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I would have thought that that was a fair few pages of PDF then...

I've emailed the document to myself and then reimported using the mac client and the web client. All three documents appear if I use a single word search term on the mac client, but none appear when I use that same term on web or iPhone.

The document is not sensitive and I would be more than happy for someone to take a look at it.


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