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(Archived) RESOLVED - Disappearing Notes In Software - But Still Available On The Web

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Hi All,

Just discovered that when I move notes between 'Business' notebooks they arrive there, but once I sync they disappear off the software!

However they are still on the Web and also still available with my 2nd user!

This only happens with the 'Business' part of my database and not with my 'Personal' side.

Currently using:

Windows 7


Have reported it Heather, but thought I would pre warn any other business users to keep a look out. As I say the good news, is they are still there but not available where I want them.

Best regards


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An update for you.

I reported this to Heather and the support team sorted an update that cleared the problem.

Basically once installed I needed to move the missing notes on the web to another notebook. Sync both web and Windows app.

Move the notes on the Windows app back to where they should be, re sync and all is now fine.

Well done to the support team and Heather for sorting this problem out so quickly.

Best regards


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Hi Chris,

There is a new RC out that dlu just posted. After I updated my client, it looks like I can move notes between business notebooks with no issue. I don't see mention of it in his post, but it is now working successfully for me. You may want to check out the post on it.

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Yes, sorry I didn't write too many Evernote Business specifics into that post, but moving between personal and business notes is an area we worked on. Especially with notes that have tags.

We also cleared up a few sync errors related to tags. Special thanks to customer support for helping flag, get info on and reproduce high priority issues

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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