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(Archived) Progress on SD card storage?


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I've seen elsewhere that we cannot store offline notes for Evernote Android on external SD cards. Is that still correct? Is this going to change? One of the main reasons I bought a 32Gb sd card for my Galaxy Note 2 was to be able to take all/most of my notes around with me. It is very annoying that this is impossible. Please fix this, Evernote.


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I wish I had your problem. All my notes are sotred on the SD Card in my Samsung S3 phone. BUT did you know they are stored in plain English TEXT FILES? This is unbelievably unsecure as a person only needs to pop out the SD card and plug it into a computer. I have been trying to force it to my phone memory without any success....

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I am using a Windows phone and offline notes is something I definitely wanted. Currently I have my data under control, but I really want to use the SD Card in the future. I only have 2.5GB remaining on the phone vs up to 64GB on SD (=5 years EN at full premium usage), that would be nice.

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.BUT did you know they are stored in plain English TEXT FILES? ....

This is not true. What is true is that EN files on the EN servers are not encrypted. This has been discussed at great length on the board already. However, with the various file types EN can contain, I'm pretty sure it's not true that your notes are stored as text files... on any device. Otherwise, all you'd be able to view on a device is...plain text.
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On Android devices, cached notes stored as ENML format, which is, indeed, a text format (with binary data encoded as text). This may or may not be a security problem for a user.

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