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(Archived) where is database?

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The service stores the master copy of your notes, sort of like how a mail server stores your mail. You can access the service directly from web browsers, or you can synchronize a copy of your notes locally to one of our desktop clients to use on your own computer.

The Windows client stores your notes in a database file on your local hard drive so that you can search them quickly and access them when you don't have a network connection. The location of the database can be found from the application via:

Tools > Options > General

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When you set up our desktop client, you give it the username and password so that the client knows which account to associate your data with. After you initially set up the client, if you turn off synchronization, the client will not synchronize to the server.

You can also make a notebook that is "Local" so that it won't synchronize just those notes.

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