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(Archived) HTML5 Client and Evernote Portability

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This is an unusual post for me, as I'm going to have a big grumble at the product I love …Evernote.

I've been using Evernote for years, to the extent that it has become a critical component of my daily working life.

Today I had the misfortune of "losing" my trusty MacBook due to a processor board failure.

As a result, I jumped on my partners MacBook Air and everything was up in running in no time, Gmail, Firefox, iCloud, Skydrive etc.

All except ….Evernote

I now have over 8500 notes and after spending literally all day trying to sync up Evernote and failing more than once, essentially I gave up.

Lets be honest, the Mac client despite its big improvements has become a behemoth. In the cloud one should be able to get up and running quickly. This simply isn't possible if you have a large number of documents.

Compared to say Gmail, its a pig. The web version is soooo slow its barely worth using so I can't even use it effectively via a browser.

Buy comparison, Pocket (which I have a similar number of documents in) was up in running in no time.

Which brings me to the point of my post.

What I would like to see is a highly tuned HTML5 client that runs natively in the cloud without the dependancy on the client side files.

Likewise on the iPad. Of late, I've found myself using CleverHD on iPad in preference to the native Evernote client. That can't be good.

Why? Its fast, quick and again very portable.

Come on Evernote. I love you guys, but I'm starting to think you have "lost your way" as a cloud provider.

Cloud means, anywhere, anytime and on any device, without hassle.

This is the second time I've moved machines in 18 months and last time is was equally painful. Not only does the local Mac files take up a staggering 5-6 Gbs of data, it takes forever to install and won't even work until its fully synched.

Long story short, I'm losing confidence in Evernote which is a concern given my reliance on the product.

Interested in feedback from other users.

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