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(Archived) evernote and multi-window


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Does evernote have splitscreen or "dual-view" support for the android operating system? i have a galaxy note 10.1 and would like to split my screen between evernote and my internet browser so i dont have to keep flipping between the applications to copy or paraphrase pertinent information. as of the new android update, most of my other apps support the splitscreen feature (including other notetaking apps), but it seems evernote still does not. if evernote does not currently support the splitscreen feature, will support be provided in the near future?

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yes please pretty please!

I have a galaxy note 8, love evernote as it is cross platform, yet that feature would make it the most productive tool on this tablet - that and penultimate for android.

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well it looks like there' some progress on this, but it's not fully functional apparently; EN appeared on the list of apps in the multi-window menu after the last upgrade (or I hadn't noticed it before).

On my Galaxy Note 8, I can now display EN main page (with notebooks etc..) in split screen, but when I access or edit a note, it goes full screen - which defeats the purpose. 


Still, a step in the right direction, so thanks for that. I'm looking forward to a full functional multiscreen.


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