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(Archived) Notes no longer seen on Android evernote app


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I recently did a factory reset on my android phone and then reloaded the evernote app via Titainium backup. The account in the evernote android app is slightly different from my real evernote account so I see an "empty" set of notes instead of the notes in my actual evernote account. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling evernote, but that makes no difference. How do I get evernote to "reset" so that I can attach is to my real evernote account?

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I have the same problem with an empty set.

I don't see any difference between my old account name on my computer and the new, empty account on my phone. Must be missing something...

What did you do, step by step, if you can, to log out and then back in.


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Load evernote app

Slide the screen that is shown to the right exposing the screen underneath with the "new note" button, the "audio" button etc.

The current user will be shown in the upper left hand corner

Touch the user name and a popup window will appear with a "sign out" option.

Touch the sign out and the current user will be signed out

You will then be presented with a new screen with a "sign in" option

Hope this helps

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