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A nice trick for creating tables in a note on Mac

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I just discovered a trick for making nice tables using Numbers and Evernote on a Mac:

  1. Create a Numbers spreadsheet and lay the table out like you want it
  2. Select the table cells or the whole table
  3. cmd-c (copy)
  4. In your note: cmd-v (paste)

The table will come in as an Evernote table with nice formatting - except for borders, for some reason, but still very useful.

Also, I save the original Numbers file in the note. If you open it from Evernote, it will update back to the same note when you close Numbers.

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I just tried it with Pages - and it works even better! Borders are retained. When you say "cell/table autosize", does that also apply to the cell width? Copying and pasting from Pages, I get vertical autosize, but not horizontal.

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I tried using Pages to format a table and copy and paste it into a note.  None of the formatting for the table came through, only the text.  I then converted my document to a PDF and copied all of the text and table in the PDF and pasted it into the note.  Everything pasted over seemlessly from the PDF.  I am able to edit the text in the table.  The table seems to autosize and I'm not able to click on a "cell" or table border to edit.

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@cngzhnaydin and ascheiwe, I'm having the same problem. I've been creating spreadsheets in Numbers (with shading, sorting, and other formatting) for some time and copying/pasting them into EN so that I can still enter data--I was racking my brain trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, I am glad that I am not alone in the this change/bug with the current version on EN.

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