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Hi there,

Despite being a relatively new Evernote usere, I choose to send a lot of Evernote notes to many email recipients. Each time I don't choose to use the recipients from the last email, I have to enter the new addresses and this is a cumbersome process copying them from Outlook etc. Is there a way to get Evernote to pick up the email addresses from Outlook as happens when sending an email in Outlook - or some other way of shortening this process?

Many thanks in advance,


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Hi - welcome to the forums. The email a note feature is pretty basic, and if you're using it a lot I can see where it would get frustrating. Evernote don't seem to have any intention of building a full-feature email client into the app though, so I don't think there are likely to be major upgrades to the functionality you have already. Have you looked at setting your various email contacts up with shared notebooks? You could then simply add a note (or as many copy notes as required) to the appropriate notebook(s) and the job would be done - all your intended recipients would have access to the note.

Or - depending on the note content - you could use your normal email client and copy/ paste content or export and attach files to a standard email. That's more personal anyway - Evernote's mail wrapper is a bit institutional and heavily branded.

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Thanks so much for the welcome gazumped and GrumpyMonkey-and for your assistance. It seems to me that a shared notebook could be a satisfactory solution to this problem I will think about that and perhaps send an email alerting them to the update. I use Windows 7. Regards, Colin

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The email function on iOS and Mac seems to be largely a forgotten feature.

Its slow and cumbersome and largely unusable compared to similar functionality in other apps, particularly on iOS.

I'm not sure why this is?

I love Evernote, but the iPad version has become all but unusable of an iPad2, the email feature takes over 20 secs to load if you are lucky.

Frankly the dev team needs a good "kick up the arse".

I'm thinking Evernote lacks a dictator and some proper UAT.

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