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(Archived) Certain notes won't sync

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I recently installed the evernote iphone app and also installed the desktop app on a second computer. I've been scanning documents with my iphone and uploading them to evernote. Certain notes just wouldn't sync. Finally I did get a message that I'd used all available storage for the month and I thought perhaps that was the problem. I went ahead and upgraded to premium for a month, and sure enough, everything synced perfectly. Then, inexplicably, evernote (iphone app) started abruptly closing, I'd reopen, same thing. Finally removed and reinstalled. Seemed ok. Tried to upload a note from Camerascan(55 m.) Wouldn't sync, got error message stating this note could not be synced, then the whole cycle of crashing again. I really love what evernote can do, but I'm very disappointed if this is the best I can expect on my iphone. I love being able to scan with the iphone. I hope there is a fix.

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Hi - welcome to the forums. There are a lot of people out there using Evernote without problems, so I'm not sure what you expect in the way of a 'fix' - if you've been uploading lots of notes it's possible that you've used your increased upload allowance and need to wait until that resets, or it's possible that the scanned item was too large to upload, or has illegal characters in the filename.

If you have access to Evernote via the desktop, check your upload status, and if that still shows spare capacity, try uploading a new note. Check that you still have a copy of the Camerascan original, or save a copy from the note and delete it (the offending note). See if that helps...

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