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I have some ideas to improve evernote:

1. For a pending task checklist, when I do one task and click on the check box, show an erase line over the text

2. Be able to order the checklist items in order to put priorities

3. Syncronize and share notes with other users, so all of the users can access and modify the note

4. Add a quick button to insert the current date and another button to insert the current time


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Hi I have some ideas for Evernote:

- Add two quick buttons to insert the current data and current time in a note

- Add a new todo checklist type that cross off the words when you check it

- Order the the list items

- Add a todo note associated to a calendar date and with notification


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Some of these features already exist in Evernote:

- You can add the current date and time by presing Ctrl + ; in Windows

- You can manually cross the text of items in your checklist by selecting the text and pressing Ctrl + T

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It would be nice a quick button to insert the current date and the current time in the notes.

Also to have "todo" cheklist type, that cross out the words when I check the item.


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Hi !! I'm discovering Evernote. I began with it yesterday.

And yes, it's very strange not to have a single notification/alarm/calendar sync for that type of application.

Organisation is all about timing, no ? :-)

Anyway, Evernote is great, but with notification, calendar stuff, it will be totally awesome !!! :-)

PS :I'm on Android and Mac.


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Until Evernote has its own alarm / calendar feature, and if you dont' mind 3rd party service, I am currently using Zapier, lowest plan is currently free.  You man google for it, but in short, it will scan your Evernote every 15 mintues and automatically post on to Google calendar.  In my case, I set up * (asterisk) as a filter, and when I put note title as "See doctor * May 15th 5pm", Zapier will find it, and copy on to your Google calendar, in which will notify on your android phone.  Nothing else has to do on your end, just add a note with * and that's it.    As a part of their refer-a-freind plan, if you signup via this link.  http://zpr.io/wPS  you and me will get extra 100 free notifications per month.

Hope this helps.


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