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What is Evernote Extension Add-on

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I am new to evernote and after downloading I got a tab at the bottom of the screen that says:

The 'Evernote extension' add-on from 'EVERNOTE CORPORATIONS' is ready for use with a choice between enable and don't enable.

I am not sure what that is...Appreciate any help!


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Thanks for your reply. After installing Evernote on my iPad, I used the link that came on the welcoming email to download to my pc. It would be Windows 7. I finally told it 'don't enable' because I needed to shut down. I am still fiddling with Evernote, so not sure if I'm missing out on anything by doing that...probably not! Again, thanks.

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I downloaded Evernote just yesterday and get the same tab at the bottom of my page "Evernote Extension Addon"  from Evernote Corporation - requesting I click either the enable or don't enable.

My PC is running on Window's Vista (business). The pop up come up with my Internet Explorer.

I would like to know which is recommended.

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